CASE STUDY: Charlie a 1 yr old Beagle/Husky Mix – Metro Detroit Dog Training



Teaching a high energy dog how to relax

Case Study - Charlie

A few weeks ago we received an email from a couple with a 1 year old beagle/husky mix who they were looking for training for. They had been recommended to us from a lady who volunteered for one of the rescues Joey used to work and they were particularly interested in our board and train program.


They went on in the email to explain how their dog Charlie was a super high energy dog who was very smart but also very stubborn and bossy. They listed an impressive number of tricks that he knew but followed that with an even longer list of undesirable behaviors that they were looking to fix. His biggest issues included nipping at the owners when he wanted something, constant barking, destructive chewing, counter-surfing, jumping on people, potty training issues, bad on leash, and in general won’t calm down in the house.


“This couple had previously worked with 2 other trainers both with different training methods but weren’t able to get the results they were looking for either way.”


Despite having a large field near their apartment where they often took Charlie to run and play and all the toys and toys they bought him, he still seemed to be an never ending ball of energy and that was starting to take a toll on this couple.They were hardly ever able to just sit and relax on their couch without Charlie jumping and nipping at them demanding their attention.



Below is video that shows Charlie from the day he arrived at our place for doggie boot camp till he returned home. 



He has made great improvements on learning how to be calm and relaxed in the house as well as on walks and when meeting other people. Upon returning home we provide the owners with follow up private lessons to make sure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to maintain Charlie’s training and build upon it.


“If you have a high energy dog of your own and are looking for training click below to view our training programs and set up an evaluation for your dog!”