Should I send my dog away to dog school?


Is board and train the right training option for you and your dog?


Lately we’ve had a lot of interest and a lot of questions about our board and train program, so we want to take some time to answer some of those questions to better help you decide if board and train would be best for you and your dog.

Board and Train field trip

Q: My dog is driving me crazy with his bad behaviors; will a board and train get me results quickly?

A: One of the advantages of doing a board and train over private lessons or group classes is that we’re able to get results a lot quicker. With our board and train your dog will receive training every day from our professional trainers which means we can get results a lot quicker than lessons once a week.


Q: Will my dog be completely trained when he returns home?

A: While your dog stays with us we’ll complete his ‘core’ training where we teach your dog new commands and desired behaviors. However training is a lifelong process that you will need to maintain once your dog returns home. For that reason our board and train program includes follow up private lessons which is where we teach you what you need to know to get your dog to behave just as well for you as he does for us. We will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to maintain and continue your dog’s training.



Q: I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to training my dog, would a board and train option be best for me?

A: Board and train can be great for dog owners who don’t have a lot of time to put into training their dog. However keep in mind that some time will be required from you when the dog returns home. Training is something that needs to be maintained for the life of your dog so you will need to make some time to practice and work with your dog.


Q: What if my dog doesn’t behave as well for me as he does for you once he returns home?

A: This is a concern we hear fairly often and we completely understand your concern. We have no issue getting your dog to behave for us but we recognize that your dog needs to behave for you even after we leave. We have included a few things with our board and train program to make sure this happens.

  1. First we include follow up private lessons where we work one on one with your and your dog to teach you everything you know to maintain your dog’s training and get your dog to respond just as well to you as he does to us.
  2. Second we include lifetime group sessions where you can join us and other dog owners and their dogs twice a month to practice the areas you’re still needing help with and get extra assistance from our trainers.

Between those 2 things we will be sure to have your dog responding to you as if you were one of our trainers.

Board and Train in house training

Q: What is my dog’s daily schedule going to look like while he’s staying with you?

A: All of our board and train dogs stay with us in our home and are treated just like our own dogs. We find the home atmosphere is a lot more relaxing for the dogs instead of running our training out of a cold, loud kennel.

We usually start the day around 7am with potty breaks and breakfast followed by another bathroom break about an hour after eating.

Throughout the day your dog will receive training through structured training sessions as well as training that we integrate into our daily routine. For instance we typically work on place commands while cooking and eating dinner.

For dogs that get along with other dogs they will receive play time with other board and train dogs as well as our own dogs. For dogs that are reactive towards other dogs we will work on this during training. All dogs receive tons of playtime in the yard, bathroom breaks and daily structured walks.

Dinner time is usually around 5pm unless your dog needs to be on a different feeding schedule, followed by after dinner potty breaks and more training.

Our day usually wraps up around 9pm when we have the last bathroom break and get ready for bed. All dogs are crated at night and anytime we are away from home to ensure their safety. If you dog is not yet crate trained that will be something that we work on during training as well.