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Is Your Dog Walking You?

How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on Walks

One of the most common complaints we have from dog owners is that they can’t enjoy walks with their dog because their dog is constantly pulling.  Often times owners have tried multiple different tools, trainers, methods to stop the pulling with little to no improvements.

While pulling on leash is one of the most common issues we see it’s also on of the easiest and quickest issues to fixed.


Having the proper tools is one of the easiest ways to improve walks with your dog.  Often times we see owners using ineffective tools to walk their dog or have the correct tools but don’t have them fitted properly or using the right techniques.


With so many different training tools on the market today all claiming to be the best and most humane it can be confusing for owners to know which tools to use.

In the video below you’ll meet Darla, who came into our board and train on an easy walk harness which is one of the tools marketed as being a safe and gentle way to eliminate pulling. However as you’ll see the harness does not stop Darla from pulling.


After switching Darla out to a properly fitted prong collar we walk you through how we introduce the new tool to her and with in 10 mins you’ll see a drastic difference.


When fitted and used properly prong collars are more gentle, humane and safe for the dog than almost any other tool on the market.


There is no need to struggle more months trying to get your dog to walk on a loose lease. If you need help getting your dog to stop pulling…


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Check out our video below on how to get your dog to stop pulling on leash



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