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One dog’s journey from Naughty to Nice

If there was ever a dog to be on the Naughty List, it was Cooper when we first met him. We often get owners contacting us with ‘out of control’ dog, but so far none have come close to Cooper. Cooper was 1 year old when we met him and he was a BIIIIIG BOY! If he stood on his hind legs he could look you in the eye. His size only made all his issues that much worse.

Cooper displayed almost every naughty behavior you can thing of. From counter surfing, to not coming when called, to stealing his owners objects and playing tug with them, it was as if Cooper checked out a copy of Marley and Me from the local library and used it as a guide for all his bad behaviors.

“Understandably his owner was at her wits ends.”

So after setting up an evaluation and hearing about our training programs she decided a board and train was exactly what Cooper need and shortly before Christmas he arrived to start his training. Our goal was to get him on the nice list in time for Christmas!

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When Cooper first arrived he tried to get away with all the same bad behavior that he was used to doing at home. We knew we had our work cut out for us so we quickly got to work on his obedience and manners. First up worked to lay a solid foundation of obedience. That included walking at a ‘heel’ on walks, sitting and downing when asked the first time, going to his bed and staying there when told and coming to us when we called. We worked until he was reliable both on and off leash with all his obedience.
We also worked on his manners, no more counter surfing, no picking up objects that weren’t his toys, no jumping on guests.


One thing we had working on our side was Cooper’s age. He was still young which means he had only been exhibiting these bad behaviors for a short time and was quick to give them up and follow the new commands and structure we had put in place for him. Cooper, like most labs, was super smart and eager to please! In no time at all we succeeded in getting Cooper on the nice list. His owner was amazed and overjoyed when she saw the progress he had made. Like with all of our board and train clients we took the time to teach Cooper’s owner everything he learned and gave her the tools she needed to maintain the results we worked hard to achieve. Now she’s finally able to enjoy her dog and he’s no longer driving her crazy with his bad behavior.

Below is video that shows how Cooper has transformed from his former naughty self to a well mannered, polite dog. 

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