Want to Teach Your Dog Some Fun Tricks? – FREE Trick Training Video Series



Your Dog will Steal the Spot Light with These Fun Tricks!


In case you haven’t heard we recently started putting together a FREE Trick Training Video Series for you guys at home. We will be posting video on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel walking you through step by step how to teach your dog fun new tricks. Check out the introduction to our newest video series below.



The first video in our trick training video series teaches you how to clicker condition your dog. For all the the tricks in this series we will be using something called clicker training, or marker training to teach your dog. This first video gives a brief background on what clicker training is, why we’re using this method of training for teaching these tricks, and how to condition your dog to the clicker. Conditioning your dog to the clicker is a key first step if you have never done clicker training before. So before you get started teaching any new tricks take a few minutes to condition your dog to the clickedr.



In Video 2 of our Trick Training Series we get started with our first trick, Shake.



Video 3 in our Trick Training Video Series show you step by step how to teach your dog Spin.



Trick Training is a fun way to engage and build your relationship with your dog, as well as build your dog’s confidence all while having fun. We’ll be posting more trick training videos soon so if you haven’t already subscribe to your YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook so you can get notified when new videos are posted.