About Us

Joey and Nicole Johncox

I wish I could say that my journey to become a dog trainer was planned out.

It wasn’t.

I spent years working in jobs that didn’t fulfill me. And while I gained skills that now help me run a business none of these jobs got me excited to wake up in the morning.

I knew I wanted to work with dogs. But I didn’t know the path.

I started volunteering with a local dog rescue. And I was told I was a natural. I was able to start working in the training aspect.

And I was lucky enough to help dogs. I’m talking dogs that were on death row. Dogs that were considered un-adoptable. I apprenticed under some great trainers and eventually worked myself to the point where I was hired on as a full time trainer.

The experience formed a huge part of what is the foundation for how I train today.

Today I work with a lot of rescues. And I work with a lot of purebreds. And everything in between.

And while I realize that not every dog I work with these days is on death row, or in danger of spending his or her entire life in a shelter, I do realize that every client I work with and every dog I meet is in a position needing some help.

After all, if you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be on this page today looking for a dog trainer.

I like to treat every client, every dog, as if the changes we need to make in the dog’s behavior are of great importance.

Because to you and your dog they are. 

Working for that rescue wasn’t the only foundational piece of my business.

It was working there that I met Nicole who was coming to volunteer and help out local dogs.

We’ve been together ever since. Our passion for these dogs has formed the foundation for this company and we’re proud to serve the greater Detroit area.


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