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Joey Luke’s Dog Training Provides Professional Dog Training Services in Farmington Hills, MI

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Joey Luke’s Dog Training offers customized training programs to address your dog training needs in Farmington Hills, MI, and surrounding areas. Whether your dog is pulling on leash, not coming when called, showing fearful or aggressive behavior, or in general just not listening to you, you are in the right place!

We know that each dog and family have unique needs and challenges. Here at Joey Luke’s Dog Training, we develop an individualized training plan for you and your dog to make sure we get the results you’re looking for.

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Board and Train Farmington Hills, MI

Our board and train program in Farmington Hills, MI, allows your dog to receive wholly immersive training. This is where your dog comes and stays on our property. He or she becomes part of our family. We can help your dog work through challenges ranging from obedience and manners problems all the way up to big-time anxiety and aggression.

Are you looking for off leash reliability? We have you covered!

Is your dog’s behavior embarrassing you when guests come over? We can help with that!

Does your dog act aggressively when you try and take items from him? Our programs address that too!

This is our most popular program. It’s guaranteed.

Your dog will absolutely never know such freedom and you’ll never have as much enjoyment in your furry friend as when you complete our Board and Train program. Your dog will have daily socialization with other dogs and people alongside instructions from a dog trainer in Farmington Hills, MI.

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Benefits of  our board and train program in Farmington Hills

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Less Upfront Work for You

Our dedicated team of trainers will lay the training foundation while your dog is with us and then we simply teach you how to maintain the results when your dog returns home


Faster Results

What may take us 6-8 weeks to achieve through private lessons we can achieve in 3-6 weeks of a board and train.


Customized, Immersive Training

Each dog has a customized training plan, and our team of trainers will work with them during several training sessions each day to make progress towards your specific goals. Your dog is also in an immersive environment where even between formal training sessions we are continuing to reinforce the desired behavior you want from your dog.


Continued Support

The transition home from the board and train can be the trickiest part. Your dog has been trained but now it’s on you to follow through. No worries, our programs include follow up sessions where we can make sure you’re getting the same awesome results our trainers were able to achieve. We also include LIFETIME access to our group classes, and LIFETIME phone and email support. So, if any issues arise in the future, we are here to help!

To hear what our previous clients have to say, check out our Testimonials Page!

Private Dog Training in Farmington Hills, MI

Private Dog Training Lessons in Farmington Hills, MI, are one-on-one programs. You put in the work. We are your coach. We take you by the hand and walk you through any challenges you may be having.

If you are within a 20-mile radius of our training center in Northville, MI, one of our skilled trainers will come out to you for each lesson. For clients who live a bit further away but still want to work with us, we do offer private lessons on our property as well.

You can have all the same results as a board and train without having to be apart from your dog.

Benefits of  our private dog training lessons in Farmington Hills

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Training on Location

Most of the issues our owners have are specific to their property, or family. By conducting training lessons in your home, we can address any unique challenges you may have. Whether you live in an apartment and need to pass other people and dogs on the property, or your dog is fence fighting with the neighbor’s dog. We can address your issues in the environment they are happening in.


Your Dog Will Listen to You

We make sure that your dog doesn’t just listen to our trainers, but also listens just as well to you. By being a part of the training, we can shape how your dog views and responds to you, which is often a key component to getting lasting results.


More Cost Effective Programs

With our private lesson programs we can get impressive results at a fraction of the cost.


Built In Support

Even after your lessons are complete, we include ongoing support via our drop-in group classes and LIFETIME phone and email support. So, you can have peace of mind that we can help if anything arises in the future.

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Puppy Training Programs Farmington Hills, MI

Puppy training in Farmington Hills, MI, is all about getting your puppy off on the right foot and building a strong foundation that will carry them into adulthood. Many of the issues we address with our adult programs could have been avoided if the owners would have started trainer earlier, when their dog was still a puppy.

Puppies are like little sponges. They are soaking up information from all around them. Whether you think you are training them or not, they are learning from you. You could unconsciously be enforcing bad behaviors that you don’t want.

That’s where we come in!

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We can help you jump start your puppy’s training and lay the foundation for the rest of their life. We can stop bad behaviors before they start, or quickly nip them in the bud before they become larger problems. Whether you’re struggling with potty training, jumping, mouthing, chewing, or you just want to set your puppy up for success as they grow older, we can help!

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