dog training testimonial

April B.

I cannot recommend Joey Luke’s Dog Training enough!! From the moment I met Joey, Nicole and members of his team! I just knew they were going to be the perfect fit for our dog, Jack!
Before finding Joey Luke – Jack was very reactive on walks- pulling, barking and wanting to go after everything he saw or heard! I also have four young kids and even though Jack has been a rock star with them from day one – when we were outside playing – he would often times think their hats and hoods were objects to grab and pull! When guests came to our house – he would be so excited- he barely could contain himself – jumping, lunging and barking in pure joy!

After visiting Joey Luke’s – Jack is the same lovable, snuggly, goofy dog that he has always been – just with better manners and a calmer demeanor during chaos! Joey Luke and his team have been absolutely amazing from day one and continue to be amazing even after Jack came home! They are still a text, call or email away – if I have any questions or concerns!
I truly feel like part of their family! Some dog trainers may say they will be there for you after the dog goes home – all to find out they are not – but Joey Luke and his team ARE absolutely – 100% without a doubt – still part of your journey through life with the better version of the dog you always dreamed of having and more! I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! You have truly exceeded my expectations and I will forever be grateful to you!

dog training testimonial

Stacy P.

Joey Luke and his crew transformed our pup. We are now enjoying walks daily with him, he is much more relaxed in the house, and our kids are able to work with him. We couldn’t be happier with how well Zeus has done since coming home from his 3 week board and train.

dog training testimonial

Heather W.

Me and my fiancé took our 8 month old American water spaniel (Odie) to Joey Luke for a board and train program. I was at my wits end with our puppy. Odie had some serious resource guarding issue. He would growl at anyone who came to areas of the house he claimed as his own, he would lunge and bite if you tried taking away his food bowl after eating, and he would guard his bones, bed and basically anything he thought was his (including the Christmas tree over the holidays). Bottom line he was just a terrible unsafe dog.

I’m glad we found Joey Luke because Odie is a completely different dog! He not only was taught basic obedience but also how to deal with his guarding issues. I can now pick up his bowl, close him in his crate, take him for walks, and basically enjoy my dog again without having to worry about being bit.
I’m so glad Joey put in hard work with Odie and taught us how to continue working with him.

dog training testimonial

Hollyanne M.

Joey and his team worked wonders on my 6 month old husky Suzy! We brought Suzy to Joey as a stubborn husky who wouldn’t listen, was ruining our furniture with her daily zoomies, and she was running our lives now after her three week board and train we have a new doggie! Suzy now listens to us, walks at our side, is able to hold a place and stays off our furniture. I feel like we have a new dog! My best decision ever was signing her up for the board and train with Joey Luke’s!

dog training testimonial

Kelly R.

We could not be happier with the training and all around excellent customer service we have received from Joey Luke’s Dog Training. We are not first time dog owners, BUT this is our first time with a puppy and a larger breed. Buddy is an adorable BIG Labrador that we knew we had to get under control or things could easily get out of hand. Before we started working with Joey, Buddy was pretty much running the show, sweet as can be, but not listening, not following commands, getting into things, jumping up on counters etc.

After just 5 private lessons I am completely shocked at the transformation. We started seeing changes within the first week of following Joey’s program. Buddy is doing so well, we are so proud of him and are enjoying this puppy stage so much more. He now follows commands, comes when called, walks at our side, stays in his “place” and much more. Being with him now is so much more enjoyable. We are a busy family, we didn’t have time to try to figure out this training stuff on our own. Investing in Joey and getting his guidance was well worth the money. Highly recommend!

dog training testimonial

Danielle B.

We had an amazing experience with Joey Luke’s Dog Training and our trainer Chelsea. Our 6 month Lagotto Romagnolo puppy was full of energy looking to cause trouble. We enrolled in the Pro Training package. Chelsea gave us the tools and guidance to teach our puppy important obedience. We are so impressed with how well our dog responded to Chelsea and how quickly we made progress together. There was a noticeable difference in one week. Chelsea was patient, positive, fun to work with, and taught us what we will need to continue to make our dog great. This training was worth every penny. We are enjoying our days with our dog so much more and are amazed at the difference this made!

dog training testimonial

Stephanie B.

What a great day to write a review! Happy Thanksgiving! I for one and thankful for Joey Luke’s today and I apologize up front if this seems obnoxiously long! Apprehension! Appreciation is the first word that comes to mind when I think back about 4 months ago when having our littermate brothers trained by a professional became our first priority. I researched so many different trainers both local and not so local for so long that I thought by the time I found one our boys would be too old to train!

Joey Luke’s was a suggestion given to us by my mothers-in-law’s hairdresser and I literally thank God every day for her suggestion:).
Training with Joey has been the best investment we have made, next to the actual purchase of our boys. I cannot stress enough the level of love and discipline Joey showered our boys with! They were 6 months old when we went for our free, roughly 1 hour evaluation in the comfort of his home and 8 months when they started their training (9 months when they finished).

The difference-Night and day! The outcome is so much better than we could have hoped for! Our first priority was the rough housing every time they were together and being able to take them on walks without being pulled around the neighborhood and I am happy to say both have been addressed and they walk like show dogs and give each other baths (most of the time :)) when they are out together! Some other commands we have all successfully been taught are Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Leave It, Place (this was a big one with a 3 year old in the house) and Recall! We just finished up with Joey earlier this week and plan on doing the monthly pack walk he offers twice a month (included in your training) for as long as you see fit, and just consistently working the program he has designed and taught us as well, for as long as needed! I realize that one of the biggest hurdles when trying to find a trainer is cost (we have 2 boys) and concern with the level of compassion during training and if I could ease any concerns you might have it is both of those concerns! We did 5 sessions and you would think these boys had been trained for months!

We are so thankful to Joey for both training the boys as well as us, because you too have to put in the work or none of you will be successful! Oh, but when you see them listening and responding to you when commanded it makes it exciting and so worth the investment! Last week while walking both boys my wife made a comment “Those sure are the prettiest dollar signs I have ever seen” and she is spot on! I’ll end with the biggest Thank You, Thank you, Thank you…to Joey…no more puppy blues over here…just pure excitement for the years to come:).

If your contemplating hiring Joey and have questions or need your fears eased please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I am happy to help:). Do it, your family will Not be disappointed:).

dog training testimonial

Laurie K.

I can’t even begin to say how awesome Joey Luke’s dog training is. When we realized our dog was out of control and we needed help we started doing a ton of research, reading and watching training videos. I came across Joey’s Facebook page. I watched many videos from his blog and many of the videos of dogs he’s trained. For me it’s not just hearing about something, it’s seeing! I needed to be convinced that Joey would be the one. I read all of the reviews and so I set up a meet and greet. Joey came to my house and the moment he walked in I knew he was the one. We did the 3 week board and train. I completely trusted Joey and his team the entire time Violet was gone. When we went to pick her up, we couldn’t believe she was the same dog. She was a wild child going in and what we got back was the dog we always wanted. She listened, she wasn’t jumping up, barking or running. We took her on a walk, and she didn’t pull on the leash AT ALL! We HIGHLY recommend Joey Luke’s to anyone in need of dog training. He taught us everything he taught her, and we have put the work in to continue the training and reinforcement at home. I can’t even tell you how happy we are. I am not embarrassed of my dog anymore, and I’m not afraid to take her places or have people over anymore. She is such a good girl.

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Michelle S.

This was one of the best decisions our family ever made! We wanted our puppy to have obedience and structure and we knew with having two young kids and working full time we couldn’t do it on our own. I did so much research prior to meeting with Joey and I cannot thank him & his team enough! Luna went to the board and train program when she was just 6 months old and now she is a little over 9 months and doing AWESOME! She listens so well to us, places on command, leaves just about anything the second we call her, loves sleeping her cage, and so much more. The support we have received days and weeks after the training have been so comforting. We highly recommend!

dog trainer northville mi

Heather B.

Me and my fiancé took our 8 month old American water spaniel (Odie) to Joey Luke for a board and train program. I was at my wits end with our puppy. Odie had some serious resource guarding issue. He would growl at anyone who came to areas of the house he claimed as his own, he would lunge and bite if you tried taking away his food bowl after eating, and he would guard his bones, bed and basically anything he thought was his (including the Christmas tree over the holidays). Bottom line he was just a terrible unsafe dog.

I’m glad we found Joey Luke because Odie is a completely different dog! He not only was taught basic obedience but also how to deal with his guarding issues. I can now pick up his bowl, close him in his crate, take him for walks , and basically enjoy my dog again with out having to worry about being bit.
I’m so glad Joey put in hard work with Odie and taught us how to continue working with him.

dog training northville mi

Rachel B.

Joey just left from our last follow up lesson for board and train. Our German Shepherd was a crazy, wild child until she went through training with him and his team. Everyone who knows her has noticed a huge improvement in her behavior. We can take her on walks without her chasing after squirrels and other dogs, all while being off her leash. She no longer bites or humps people either which is a huge improvement! Thank you so much Joey and team! We are so grateful!

dog training northville mi

Jeremy K.

I took my Norwegian Elkhound , Reykr for a three week board and train. The dog I received back was completely different than the one I left. Before the team had Reykr, he had terrible manners, and would bark incessantly. After the training, he is well behaved, manageable, quiet, and obedient. I can’t say enough about the work they did for him.

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Jessica O.

Joey is phenomenal. I cannot speak highly enough of him and his work. We signed our 2 year-old mastiff/husky up for the 3 week board and train. Our dog was showing signs of aggression towards both people and dogs. Being over 100lbs, he was getting difficult for us to handle. The tools Joey included in his board and train turned out to be exactly what we needed.

Our dog has been home for a few weeks now and is so calm, listening well, and has been able to have positive interactions with both people and dogs. He walks loose-leash by our side and has been able to go on many more adventures with us. We work with our dog everyday and are much happier as a family. You will not find better bang for your buck out there, I promise. Joey is an expert. What impresses me most about him is his dedication to the dogs in his program. They stay in his house, he works with every one of them, and he follows up multiples times in the weeks following. That is incredible and shows how much he truly cares. We will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done for our family. If you are in need of a dog trainer, look no further, Joey is the one.

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Danielle H.

Preacher is a very high drive, high energy, soon-to-be working dog. When we brought him to Joey Luke’s at six months old Preacher was wild. We just couldn’t get a handle on his drive, he wouldn’t listen without a treat, and he tried, overbearingly, to run the house. After a month at Joey Luke’s he is nothing less than the perfect dog… and he’s only 7 months. It is a night and day difference. He is eager to please and work without being overbearing. He follows every command without pushing. Not only that, Joey Luke gave me the tools I needed to approach Preachers training in a constructive way and direct his drive. I could not recommend them more! We appreciate the love you have for Preacher and your investment in his continued training with us!

dog training ann arbor mi

Katie L.

Taking Piper to Joey’s 3 week board and train program was the best decision we could have made for her. Before her program, Piper was extremely disobedient. On walks all she wanted to do was jump up and bite the leash obsessively and bite at my arms. She followed NO commands and thought everything was a game even after two rounds of PetSmart training classes. She counter surfed, destroyed EVERYTHING, jumped on people, stole items… basically anything naughty, she was doing it. Oh and even at 10 months old, Piper was only 50% potty trained when she left. Stubborn as hell!

When Piper came home it was such a change. 98% of her problem behaviors had just disappeared! It was like Joey and his team taught her the essence of “calm”. She looks to me for direction and what to do instead of running the show at home. She walks perfectly on a leash, waits in doorways and follows my commands. I finally feel in control! Our home is finally at peace and in the short month since she has been home we have bonded more than the 6 months prior to training. I am so happy to have the knowledge and tools to keep working with piper as she grows into an amazing dog! Thank you guys. You’ve definitely changed our lives.

dog training testimonials

Shari V.

Making the decision to send Gunner to Joey’s training was the best decision I could have made for him and myself! My first meeting with Joey was wonderful and he calmed all my fears and answered all my questions. I enjoyed watching Gunner’s progress over the 3 weeks he was away and am enjoying how we continue to bond now that we both have the training we needed! Chelsea has been out twice now to do his follow up home visits and I cannot brag enough how great she is!! I would highly recommend Joey and all of his trainers to anyone struggling with their fur babies.

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Aaron and Michaela

My wife and I put our two dogs into Joey’s board and train program. We had a few areas we wanted Joey to work on; walking on leash, listening to commands, and no jumping.

The week we went to pick up the dogs we were wildly surprised! The dogs understood place commands, no jumping, walking on leash, walking off leash, coming when called, and basic obedience.

dog training northville mi

Stephanie and Ryan

Joey did a board and train with our 10 (now 11) month old puppy, Stella!
We rescued her from the Humane Society at 8 months. Stella was so stubborn on walks by pulling on the leash, reacting towards other dogs on walks, and not coming when called. We felt like we never could take her on walks because it was embarrassing and it became very frustrating. Stella needed to learn some manners!
We received Joey’s name from our neighbors who used him and only had great things to say. Joey came out to our house for a training, and we ended up doing a month board & train.

dog trainer near ann arbor mi

Lilly G.

My little One had some problems with other dogs and new people( not only he me too) .
Elmo spent 2 weeks at Joey’s home and I am so happy,he was a little nightmare on walks and new situations.

He came back today and I had the first awesome walk since a long time:) He did a awesome job! Elmo is more relaxed and I am able to manage stressful situations much better:)

Thanks so much for the help

best dog trainer in ann arbor mi

Asa and Bill

Spencer has gone from a growling, aggressive, anxious beast to a well-behaved (well, most of the time) fur friend in a matter of 6 weeks. Joey is so perceptive when it comes to animal and human behavior. He quickly and accurately identified Spencer’s issues, connected them to our reactions and was able to guide us, patiently and positively, to modify our behavior. Spencer also had issues with passing people and dogs in the park.

Having Joey along on our walks was an invaluable way to learn how to allay Spencer’s anxiety with other dogs. Joey has taught us the importance of being a strong pack leader and has given us the tools to become that leader. His passion for dogs is obvious. He loves helping people build a positive relationship with their dog. He’s a wonderful guy. I was sorry to see our sessions come to an end but when you train with Joey, he’s always just a phone call away.

dog trainer ann arbor mi

Lisa W.

We have a 7 y/o lab/poodle mix. She is anxious and very protective of her family. This caused her to develop some bad habits like barking at the window, barking at people and barking and lunging at other dogs when on a walk.

We’ve had 2 training session/walks with Joey so far and the confidence I feel and my dog’s relaxation on our walks now is amazing. We used to avoid walking by certain houses because the dogs in the yard would go crazy. On our second walk with Joey we purposely went by one of those houses! I was a bit nervous,but in just minutes Joey had my dog sitting calmly on the sidewalk and the 2 crazy dogs also sitting in their yard and listening to him! My dog and I can now walk by that house with confidence!

dog training

Emily D.

Joey trained my 1-year-old dog, Oliver. Oliver is very hyper and would pull on the leash during our walks, reacting, jumping, and barking at everything that moved. Joey trained Oliver in his two week board and train program and the results are incredible!

Oliver is still his rambunctious self but responds to commands, is much more focused on me on our walks, and seems like a much happier, healthy dog. What’s more, I personally feel much more comfortable, educated, and in control thanks to Joey! Joey was very communicative while he had Oliver and continues to be supportive now. He is very positive, knowledgeable, and assured me that I could call anytime in the future if I needed more support.

Thanks for everything, Joey!


Cooper the 1 yr old, disobedient, Labrador

Gracie the fearful and reactive, rescue dog

Nikia the 6 month old, high energy, German Shepherd

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